There is no good reason that Election Day isn't a Federal Holiday.

The only reasons you can give us are bullshit, or from the 18th century.

Election days used to be a day of parties and celebrating, most people had the day off.

That was before the five day work week.

That was before Black Americans had the right to vote.

That was before Women had the right to vote.

Everyone should have the Tuesday after the first Monday in November off from work.

Democrats tried to do this twice already.

John Conyers tried.

Bernie Sanders tried.

They failed both times, that was before Trump.

Let's not fail.

People in Estonia can vote online, can you find Estonia on a map?

In Belgium it's illegal not to vote.

You shouldn't have to choose between eating Lunch or Dinner and Voting.

You shouldn't have to choose between spending time with your family and voting.

8 states have already made it a civic holiday.

Surprise, surprise, they are mostly blue or Libertarian leaning.

It seems like only one party doesn't want you to vote.

Republican lawmakers seem to have an organized plan to stop people, especially liberals, minorities, and poor people from voting.

We need to have an organized plan too.

But ours doesn't involve trickery and robbing people of their constitutional rights.

Because were not a bunch of old white pricks who have overstayed their time in politics.

The right wing has manipulated this power and have tried to turn it into a privilege for white, male, landowners.

This has been going on since reconstruction, since Jim Crow.

It has not stopped, recently they have been getting worse.

We have a simple solution.

Let everyone speak.

Let's hear everyones voice, we've heard enough of what old white angry people have to say.

Let's hear what young and old people of all colors and creeds, angry or not, have to say.

Let's make sure you don't have an excuse not to vote.

Let's make congress write a bill.

Or heck! We can lobby, we'll write it for them.

Let's call it the #VotingDay bill.

Who wants to sponsor it?

Making Election Day a National Holiday, the voting age 17 (if you pass a test), and automatic registration unless you opt out on every state and federal form you ever have to fill out including your taxes.

"We can't do that! Who would maintain the database?"

Don't buy two tanks or half a plane next year and we'll find someone to do that and interface with the states registration databases, and we'll have money left over.

"But it's too much change all at once!"

We built Hoover Dam in five years in the middle of the Great Depression.

We went from the Wright Brothers to the Moon in 66 years.

We can figure out paperwork.

This is the greatest country in the world.

If we can spend 6 trillion dollars and kill over a million civilians and 7,000 US troops attacking two countries in response to 9/11, we can do this.

15 of the 19 Hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi.

Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi.

We attacked Iraq and Afghanistan even though they had little to nothing to with it.

He was hiding in a cave, we could have used intelligence and Special Forces to get him.

We announced to the world we were coming and he escaped Tora Bora to Pakistan.

Obama finally killed him in Pakistan by using intelligence and Special Forces.

None of that would have happened if Election Day was a National Holiday in 2000.

Gore won the popular vote, but the Supreme Court stopped the recount.

in 2016 around 66 million Americans voted for Clinton, 63 million for Trump.

100 million of you didn't vote.

This is all your fault.

This is all our fault for not bugging the 100 million who didn't to vote to register and vote.

We can not let things like this happen again.

We can't afford anymore close elections.

Let's make election day a National Holiday.

Or lets make our Elections on Veterans Day and honor our fallen heroes by exercising our constitutional right to vote.


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